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What’s Different?

We go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. When you hire a handyman, we single out the best candidate for the job who has gone through our background check and rigorous levels of scrutiny.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kinesthouse.com:
Kinesthouse.com is an online platform for hiring handymen and artisans, we go the extra mile to connect you with the best handymen in town.
How do I make payment?
You pay the handyman for any materials used and services provided, however; you can choose to pay cash or pay online via our platform.
Who takes Responsibility for any Mishaps or Damages caused by Handyman, if any?
Kinesthouse.com is not and cannot be held responsible for any mishap or damage caused by handyman, as we do not manage the jobs but simply link you with reliable handymen, however we’ll assist in providing all necessary support where applicable.

Hiring handymen has never been this Easy!

Our services are tailormade to address our clients unique needs while ensuring comfort and guarantee of a job professionally executed. All you need to do is:

  • You Select the day and time you’d like a professional to show up.
  • We’ll confirm your appointment and route the professional to you.
  • On completion of job assigned, we get your feedback on satisfaction.

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How to Hire

Here are the simple steps to guarantee a job well done.


You request for a handyman right here and we’ll single out the best candidate for the job who has gone through our background check and rigorous levels of scrutiny.

Quick Response

Handyman arrives on your preferred arrival time.


You Communicate the full extent of the job, negotiate terms and payment with handyman (No worries, we still got your back covered)


Upon completion of job, pay handyman agreed sum; cash or via our online payment platform.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Over time, handymen on our platform have proven to be tested and trusted via feedbacks gotten from completed jobs.

Top quality

Our training and orientation exercises are carried out to ensure handymen follow all standing regulations for quality control and assurance.

Frequently hired handymen

Our clients; often times require the services of these handymen…

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