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Kinest Jobs

Kinesthouse.com is the online platform of Kinest Lands and Properties Limited Facility managment Unit committed in providing top notch facility managment service for both individual and corportate/institutional clinets through our professional and well trained artisan base. Proposed Impact on Clients: This service package will create a man hour subscription based service system [KMH] for clients that will enable them to subscribe for man hours that can be converted into handymen services and material procurement. This give them access to verified artisans and materials by Kinesthouse within the shortest possible time; as well as state-of-property update on their facility.

Company Story

Kinest Lands and Properties Limited is a cutting edge real estate and allied services company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. As a company, we are in the business of bridging the gap in real estate infrastructure development, investment and allied management services provision in Africa through innovative technologies inculcation and maintenance culture promotion. At Kinest, we deal in maintenance and management of existing infrastructures as well as consultancy, procurement and development of new ones.

  • Readily available – “good” artisans/service men.
  • Artisans/service men who are aware of the ethics and safety precautions/demands of their profession.
  • Artisans/service men who have undergone thorough and rigorous levels of identity verification to ascertain their true identities before being engaged.
  • Artisans/service men who are passionate about their profession and are willing to go the extra miles to satisfy clients.

As an organization we have built our strength on highly coordinated system of developmental and managerial manpower and skill-set for the best in service delivery, meeting the real estate and allied management service needs of our individual, SME and corporate clients across societal social strata using global best standards. Our man hour payment method assures work productivity also give artisans full control of when to work on our platform.

Why Hire From Us?

Reasons why you should hire Kinesthouse Facility Management Services...

  • Cut Down on Recruiting Expenses
  • Find the Right Fit for Your Organization
  • Increase Productivity by Hiring Trained Professionals
  • Test Candidates Before Making a Permanent Decision
  • Eliminate Overtime
  • Reduce Training Costs, Scrap & Rework
  • Shift Administrative Burden
  • Take Advantage of Kinesthouse’s HR Capabilities

Services Offered

  • Online Artisan/Serviceman recruitment services
  • Artisan/serviceman daily engagement and management
  • Training/Orientation exercises
  • Corporate trainings, ethics and safety orientation exercises
  • Contract Recruitment Services
  • Cooperate Handyman/Workman HR Services

Our Vision

Giving us the unique opportunity to recruit your handymen/workmen gives you the chance to have a totally different team fully equipped with the right enthusiasm and technical-know-how to execute your jobs the best way known to humanity.

Our Mision

To promote maintenance culture through facility management service provision

we are redefining facility mangement services in Nigeria